8 Benefits of Cloth Diapering your Baby!

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Hey everybody...

It's no secret, I am a huge advocate of cloth diapering. I want everyone to try it at least for one week! When I made the decision several years ago, some people were surprised by my choice. Folks asked... why cloth?!?! After I started researching this diapering method, my decision was easily made because even the pinky toe of the baby I was carrying was important. Why wouldn't I want to provide his bum the VIP treatment?  

Today, I'm going to share 8 glorious reasons why cloth diapering is amazing. Not only is it stylish, but it has some tangible benefits that will impact and ease mothering duties for years to come.  

1. Cloth diapers are Breathable:

Most cloth diapers are made of absorbent,  moisture-wicking, natural fabrics that draw wetness away from baby. These interior fabrics – often microfiber, micro-suede, hemp, bamboo, cotton – offer absorption that our disposable cousins recreate using chemical processes. The result is a cloth diaper that aids in reducing (in some cases eliminating) diaper rashes because baby has more natural airflow in their diaper area.  


2. Toddlers who Cloth Diaper Toilet Train Faster: 

Learning the urges of elimination can take time and is often a developmental milestone. Cloth diapered children often learn to use the potty sooner because they know how it feels to be wet. Many toddlers dislike the feeling of wetness and poop. We've all been amazed at little kids who despise sitting in their... poo... They take off their diapers and bring them to us like… Sis… when you gone handle this?!?!? This is a feeling that many cloth diapering toddlers hate; it’s often the incentive to move from diapering to toilet training! And I'm here for it! Raise the roof for ditching diapers when it's time. 😊  


 3. Cloth Diapering is Better for the Earth: 

Listen... global warming is real! And with all the waste we output daily, this is one choice parents can make to helmo our earth, as we know it, last a little longer. With cloth diapering, we're hitting two of the three R's given to us by the EPA – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Cloth diapering reduces the amount of waste we put in landfills because we reuse our diapers. And not just for a week, but the life of your babies (and their siblings) diapering days can contribute to helping the earth. Further, with cloth diapering poo goes in the toilet... that means we’re properly disposing of that waste too! Win, win, win for a better environment, and healthy planet! 


 4. Choosing Cloth is Economical: 

Preparing for a new baby can be expensive and overwhelming. There are soooo many options, that finding what you need can be exhausting. Choosing to cloth diaper can expel a little of that stress when you're looking at your budget. Depending on your choice – you can use a cloth diaper service or own your cloth diapers. For an apple to apple comparison, we'll use owning your cloth diapers in this example. A hearty stash will encompass 30 diapers. On the upper end, a stash might cost you around $600 - $900. And you're done! Wash those bad boys, size them as baby grows, and with each wash, you've saved yourself a ton of money. In comparison, Honest Company's website sells size 1 diapers at $11 for 35 diapers. In baby's first month, they use about 10-12 diapers a day. To get a week's worth of diapers, you'd need to get 3 packs of Honest Company diapers for $33 diapers. That $132 a month and $1,584 in baby's first year. You can finish the math...  

My son was in cloth diapers until he was 2.5 years old. Even if we rounded my cloth diapering expenditure to $1000, I saved at least $2k on diapers by using cloth. Yall know math works every time... that's so much money that we could spend on other things preparing for his life and watching him grow! 




 5. No Blowouts: 

Blowouts are the worst imaginable thing about baby life... that and projectile vomiting. Those are the two things all parents hope to avoid. Cloth takes one of those completely off the table. Cloth diapers are constructed so they fit securely up the babies back and around their thighs in an effort to keep the shenanigans inside the diaper. Elastic around the waist and legs are the secret weapon. I have seen a blowout happen, but it was an entirely avoidable, grandparent diapering error. If you secure the diaper correctly, you have a 99.9999999999% chance of never encountering a blowout in your baby's diapering life.  


 6. Easy to use on the go: 

Gotta run an errand, no problem... cloth diapers are modern. No pins, no sticking, no pinch! Just snap or Velcro and you're done. All-in-one diapers make it especially easy to diaper on the run. You only need to throw a wet bag in your diaper bag, toss in a couple of diapers, and hit the door. No muss, no fuss!  


 7. Cloth is Pandemic Friendly: 

In the pandemic, cloth diapering has taken on a new benefit... At this point, many of us are going places sparingly and interacting with as few people as possible. With cloth diapering, you eliminate the need to go to the store. You avoid potentially running out of diapers. Diapers are a commodity. You wash them on your own time and you're always set. 


 8. Super cute and simple to use: 

Look at this fluff love... how cute would your baby's bum be in chic cloth diapers. There are so many prints and vibrant solids. Cloth is cute with every imaginable outfit. They are your baby's bum accessory. I enjoyed matching my daughter's diapers with her outfits. No need for bloomers when you have an adorable bum. And, as I mentioned earlier, cloth diapers are modern now and super simple to use. If your mind is stuck on old school diapers that need pins and clothespins in the sun... think again! Cloth is modern, easy to launder and a simple part of your day. 


I hope you've found these 8 benefits useful. If cloth diapering were hard, I would have easily switched to disposables between baby one and baby two. Instead, I doubled down and added some cute girly prints to the stash and kept the party going. So tell me, what benefit are you most excited about gaining from cloth diapering?!?! As you ponder, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channellike us on Facebook, and follow us on Insta! I look forward to connecting with you! 



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