The Cloth Diapering Glossary!

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What's up everybody!

So here I am... writing my blog and it dawns on me... Cloth Diapering has so many words, phrases and colloquialisms that are a second language to me; for cloth diapering newbies they may seem foreign or overwhelming. To aid in getting us all the way togetha, I present the Cloth Diapering Glossary! 




This post will be a continuously updated page that you can refer to at any point to bring you up to speed on what I'm sharing. 

To get us started, here are several phrases you should know for successful cloth diapering.

Blowout - explosive stool that leaks or escapes from the boundaries of a diaper.

Fitteds - a style of diaper that is made in a range of sizes designed to provide a trim, age appropriate fit. Often multilayered for absorbency, they are typically sewn with button closures or are left open to allow for customized sizing with pins or other fastening mechanism.

Inserts - a sewn piece of multilayered fabric that is inserted into a diaper or placed within a diaper to absorb urine. Inserts can be stacked to increase absorbency. They are made in a range of fabrics - synthetic and natural fibers.

Liners - a thin sheet of material added atop of the cloth diaper, touching baby's skin, to help make stools disposal easier. They are also used to provide a protective barrier between the diaper and creams, oils, or ointments that baby may require. Liners come in disposable and reusable materials.

Paila container in which soiled diapers are stored.

Prepping - the act of washing your diapers, sometimes multiple times, prior to baby's first use in an effort to achieve maximum absorbency and rid it of natural oils, dirt, and other impurities.

Snappi - a diaper fastener often used in places of diaper pins. This modern alternative is constructed with teeth on each end of the Snappi that grip onto the fabric of cloth diapers and pull the points to a center. These are often used with fitteds, prefolds, and flat style diapers.

Stash - your collection of cloth diapers



Need me to add a definition?!? Let me know if the comments! Be sure you check us out on YouTube every Thursday, join our community on Facebook, and follow us on Insta! Until next time... 




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