Ballin On A Budget: How To Cloth Diaper On Tha Low!

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In today's blog we'll explore how to cloth diaper on the low. One of the greatest advantages of cloth diapering is that you can save sooo much money.  There are certainly ways to tap into that and leave more in your wallet. 

Here are my top three cost effective styles and thoughts on cloth diapering! 

1. Fitted Diapers + Covers

Fitteds are interesting diapers! These diapers are a sized, modern version of the cloth diapers our parents may have used. They are a lot like a prefold – think burpcloth diaper – but cut and sewn to mimic the rhombic shape we've come to know with the advent of disposable diapers. Fitted diapers come in a range of sizes that can suit the smallest premature baby and extend to satisfy active toddlers. You're able to achieve a perfect fit with fitted diapers using sewn on buttons. If you're looking for a customized dynamic, you can opt out of sewn on buttons in favor of snappis to close your diaper. Both options are widely available. Fitted diapers are used with covers that come in a myriad of patterns and are either sized or an adjustable one size situation. 

Fitteds are affordable. Options range from $5 to $13 per diaper. Although they are sized and you're expected to buy more as baby grows, there are hacks to game the system. For example – let's say the sizes offered in fitteds are from XS, S, M, L, XL. The best cost saving advantage comes from buying every other size in the versions that do not have sewn in buttons. For my babies, I bought XS, Medium, XL. Instead of all five sizes available, I picked every other size as the weight capacity overlapped with each size. Doing this, I saved money not purchasing every single size of diaper. I was able to tighten the fitted to the desired size when my babies were smaller and give more room as they grew. 

The savings multiply when you use them for multiple babies. These diapers last and stand the test of time. I only purchased new covers when the gender of my new baby changed. 

Speaking of covers... there are extra savings with this style because you can use the same cover all day. At max, your stash could have 5-7 covers and be robust and complete. Covers are easy to wipe down when soiled or wet. If they get poop on them, you can take them to the laundry room. Between the countless pee diapers newborns have, one cover can get you through a full day of diaper changes.  


2. Pocket Diapers 

Pocket Diapers are amazing because they are a widely available style of diaper. If you do a quick google or amazon search, it's likely that in your top three cloth diaper results, two would be pocket diapers.  

Pocket diapers come in a range of prices. You can go high end, brand name with these, but with this style of diaper the name doesn't buy your anything. If you're going to splurge, spend your money on the inserts used in pocket diapers and not the diapers themselves. 

Pocket diaper ranges from $5 to $20. The best cost savings comes from buying one size pocket diapers. This gives you the option to buy one diaper and use it for the through your entire cloth diapering journey. You get multiple uses as baby's needs change - you're able to customize the absorbency depending on what you stuff the diaper with.  

I received the pocket diapers I have when my son was born. I still use them with my daughter. I have not experienced any issues with relaxing elastics around the thighs. They are my go to at night time; I've finally found the magic combo to get my girl through the night.  


3. Flats and Pre-Folds 

Flats and Pre-Fold diapers are cousins. Flats are large square diapers that are folded around baby and secured with a snappi or pins. Their similar cousin is the prefold. It's sewn into multiple folded layers to save you a little time, but the concept is the same. These diapers are the throwback – these are our grandmas diapers, but they are insanely economical. 

Often sold in packs of 6, flats range from $12 to $20. Pre-folds are similarly sold in bundles of a dozen at about $25. You can also buy them individually at about $2 a pop. If you value your wallet over convenience, this could be an excellent choice for your cloth diapering system. With these style of diapers, like fitteds, you'll need a cover. Moms on blogs sing the praises on flats and pre-folds because they can achieve a custom sized diapers that are useful for multiple children. 


Issa Wrap...

If you haven't gathered – you get the most bang for your buck – if you can spend money wisely up front with an eye toward possibly diapering multiple babies. This is the key! On any style that you choose, you can get some real deals if you watch for sales. The earlier in your pregnancy that you decide you'll cloth diaper, the more you can watch for the best sales. You know - double dutch - your way to more coins in your pocket as you wait for the perfect time to buy. 



Lastly, a couple of final consideration should be given in your endeavor to cloth diaper on tha low. Consider used cloth diapers. Cloth diapers can be stripped, bleached, and shared between babies. Used diapers allows your to expand your stash by adding more expensive diapers at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, you may run into a mom who is at the end of her cloth diapering journey and willing to donate her stash. This is like Christmas! The used diaper option shouldn't be overlooked if you're open to seconds in your cloth diapering stash. 


Also, if this is your first baby or people want to buy you gifts, the best way to cloth diaper on a budget is to create a registry or request gift cards to your favorite cloth diaper vendor. There's nothing better than free or on someone else's dime. Diaper showers aren't just for disposables... they are for cloth diapers too! My husband had a beer and diaper shower for our son and my job hosted a diaper shower for my daughter. With those contributions, I have spent very little of my own money on diapers. Literally, I may have purchased 5-10 diapers out of my very large stash!  


In sum... it can be done! Make sure you tap into cloth's biggest benefit to you - saving your coins!!! It's easy to do with minimal effort. As always... I'm here to help if you have questions. Be sure you check us out on YouTube every Thursday, join our community on Facebook, and follow us on Insta! Until next time... 





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