How I Started My Cloth Diapering Journey

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Hey Everyone!  

Welcome to Cloth Cuties! I'm so excited to begin blogging about my cloth diapering experience while offering you tips that can ease your transition into cloth or help you become a cloth diapering pro! 

So first things first! I'm Jamie - cubicle occupier by day and cloth diapering superhero at night! I am a mom to two pretty cute toddlers - if I do say so myself - who keep me on my toes. I'm also a wife to an awfully lucky guy. LOL.  I'm a sister, daughter, friend, and Soror. I wear a lot of hats and I aim to find joy in them all.  

My cloth diapering journey began 4.5 years ago with the upcoming birth of my son. My mom introduced me to cloth diapers. Like many loving daughters, with knucklehead moments, I was totally dismissive of the idea when she approached me with it. But yet she persisted… my mom offered to get me a cloth diaper service if I'd try it out. However, at that time, we lived in the middle of nowhere… Big Money Texas… aka Beaumont. The diaper services in Houston didn't service the area. By the time I completed that research, I was hooked and engaged. I started looking at other cloth diaper methods and decided to wash my own diapers. Sounded crazy to some… but once I latch on to something… good luck getting me to loosen my grip. 

Over the years, I've become super passionate about sharing cloth diapering. Standing on my soapbox for all who will listen! Cloth diapering has impacted who I am as a mother - the decisions I've made in rearing - the avenues I've traveled. I'm a little crunchy, slightly chic, politically engaged, working toward conscious parenting, a WOMANIST.  

My purpose in starting Cloth Cuties is to add to the beautiful speckling of Black and Brown mommas who cloth diaper. Four years ago, I looked for YouTubers and bloggers that looked like me. At the time, there weren't many. I'm happy to see that's changed a bit. My aim is to add to the conversation so moms can see themselves in the cloth diapering community in robust ways - bringing our full selves. 

Stick with me! I'll share tips and tricks to successfully navigate cloth diapering. For moms considering cloth, avoid getting scared away… I'm gonna guide you through it all - the cute, the puzzling, and the stinky! I got you. In the comments below… drop me a line… share what's holding you back from cloth diapering?!?! 

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