Seventeen Black Owned Cloth Diapering Businesses to Support

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What's up y'all! Black History Month is here and it's only right that we share the Black-Owned businesses that make wearing cloth cool! These businesses prominently display their love for Black culture by sharing meaningful messages, clever slogans and representative images. They make my heart swoon! 



Listen sis... everything you need to cloth diaper your baby, a Black Owned Company makes it!




I wasn't aware of all these businesses when I was diapering my kiddos. Shame on google for not putting them in the top of my searches! Yet,you don't have to follow in my footsteps - here are 17 Black-owned businesses that you need to know and can support RIGHT NOW!

The list below is searchable by style of diaper. You'll find company names, their instagram handles, and their websites. Let's get to it! 


Fitted Diapers:



All-In-One & Hybrid Diapers:

Shine Cloth 

Little MuffinCakes 
Nappy Bunz 


West Coast Dipes 


Pocket Diapers:

Forever my babies 

Neter Gold 

Krunchy Kulture



Cultured Diapers 


Kijani Baby 


Flats & Pre-folds

Cooper Rose 


EveryDai Babies 



Mommy & Potty Training Resources

Lovely Cloth 


Potty Schmotty 




Extras & Education Resources



Diaper Dawgs 


Cloth Cuties 

I would love to assume that this list is NOT exhaustive. If you love a black-owned business whose products support the cloth diapering lifestyle, please drop me a comment so I can add them to our list.
The businesses listed have a plethora of products; they are not limited to the categories I've placed them in. Please check out all these businesses to find the diapers that will work best, speak your language, and inspire your journey!

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  • Allie on

    Royal Doody is another Black owned cloth diaper brand.

  • Stacy on

    Is Kijani Black Owned? The Etsy shop owner looks white even though her last name does sound African.

  • Zenovia Andrews on

    Hi sis, love your youtube channel! I’m what you can call a vet in cloth diapers but I still learn from your content. I’ve been a proud supporter of Cocoa Cheeks Cloth diapers. and am absolutely in LOVE with their quality, customer service, delivery and affordability.

    We started out with their 24 pack and have been amazed! They held up with our first so when we had the twins we went straight back to Cocoa Cheeks. Tried their fitteds and covers too! They make those wider styled pockets for bigger hands, nightime fitteds, preflats, covers and cloth diaper friendly baby shorts! We tried the newborns with our first and honestly they rivaled little Joey and GMD in terms of fit, and absorbency. We need to stop sleeping on this company and their newborn AIO’s 😂..When I say they are my favorite newborn diapers of all time! That’s the real tea. We like what they stand for! Their motifs are right up our alley and its always a pleasure working with the owner. Please add them to this list so that other families can benefit like we did as well. I highly, highly reccomend them! My husband and I are so proud to support black owned especially when the service and quality exceeds the way Cocoa Cheeks does for us.

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