High 5: Five Sites to Follow for Cloth Diapering Tips

Hey girl!

Wow - it's been a long time since I've penned a blog post. As you know, I've been giving all my attention to videos that I hope you're loving!


As promised in this week's video here are F I V E sites that you should know and follow to have a knowledgeable and enjoyable cloth diapering journey.
  1. Black Women Do Cloth Diaper - this facebook group is dedicated to Black moms. There are so few of us cloth diapering. If you need some realness from a community that sees you and values your unique experiences, this is a good group to follow. I used it when I was navigating through my son's cloth diapering challenges. We came out on the other side alive! You can too!
  2. Cloth Diaper Podcast - Bailey is committed to sharing cloth diapering stories and knowledge. I especially enjoy her interviews with Black owned cloth diapering brands. Her podcasts helps moms know they CAN cloth diaper their babies using simple washing techniques while transitioning or going fast and furious into cloth! 
  3. Fluff Love University - Speaking of simple washing - I live for Fluff Love University's detergent guide. I read this about a million times when figuring out how to wash my stash. The resource guide helps make it simple without feeling like you have to spend extra money JUST to wash diapers. I've shared this resource in the comment section of my YouTube videos. Here it is for all who need it.
  4. Jay's Nest - Jacqueline gives the real deal into cloth diapering. Need an unpopular, honest opinion - she's got it with lots a humor and personality. I think we started cloth diapering around the same time. She documented all the ups and downs of her journey via YouTube. She's an excellent channel to watch especially if you're into flats!
  5. Cloth Cuties - seriously... it might be a little braggadocious, but I couldn't keep myself off this list!!  I'm a black momma on YouTube sharing about cloth diapering! I'm almost a unicorn. Like my blog, you'll love my YouTube channel. Subscribe now, friends!
With this list, I want to also give you three hashtags that you should follow on TikTok and Instagram cloth diapering encouragement. Plus - sometimes there are some hilarious videos... get into it!
  • #makeclothmainstream
  • #clothdiaperingisdope
  • #clothdiapers
  • #myclothcutie


That's all for today sistafriends. I hope this post helps you navigate the cloth diapering road you're on. No matter the stage, we're all here learning together. Isn't it empowering to know you're not alone?!?!

Drop me a comment below and share your favorite cloth diapering website and hashtags! We all go up together!


Until next time,


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