Hey Friend,

I'm Jamie! I created Cloth Cuties to help other moms, especially moms of Black and Brown children, simplify cloth diapering.

These are my Cloth Cuties! My kiddos are the inspiration of this endeavor. I've cloth diapered since 2016. In that time, I've learned a lot of tips and hacks that can help you along the way. I'm excited to share them with you! As you can see, I am a wife and mother to two adorable kiddos. I'm also a bossy daughter and doting sister. I love all the roles in my life. By day - I sit in cubeville; at night - my cloth diapering super powers activate!

On this site, you'll learn the benefits of cloth diapering and how simple it can be with the right tools and grace. I hope to be informative as I advocate for infant and toddler life in cloth. I'll upload once a week - so keep your eyes peeled!

I'd love to hear from you; leave me a note on the blog! While you're at it... do us both a favor - check us out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!