Three Tips for Supporting a New Cloth Diapering Momma

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Hey everybody! Welcome back… 

So every woman who's welcomed a baby, no matter how they entered your life, knows that those first few weeks of mom-dom are HARD and EXHAUSTING. And I mean exhausting on a level you never expected. You're doing a lot of adjusting that you'd heard about. Yet, to experience it is a whole 'nother thing.   

We also all know that having a supportive village, GodSquad, friends, and family means the world. So much so, it can be easy to be energized through the approval of your mom ideas or deterred and discouraged if someone in your tribe doesn't cosign. We all look for tacit approval in the decisions we make to some degree. When that gets poo-pooed on, it can feel disheartening. So today, I submit three ways to be a supportive village for a cloth diapering momma!! 

This is for the mothers, aunties, sisters, partners, significant others, friends, cousins, mothers-in-law who may be inclined to side-eye a cloth diapering decision. I have one ask of you… 

DON'T DO IT!!! Aht aht aht! Don't give me no lip.  




Before we get into it… tell me below… Was your village supportive when you shared that you wanted to cloth diaper?  How did they react? Are you nervous about your village's reaction to your choice? 

Becoming a mom is a transition that's tough enough without a heaping helping of judgment served on the side. So come on…read on to see what you can do to support your loved one. 


1) React Lovingly to Her Choice 

Sharing with girlfriends is a big deal. When your mommy friend shares her choice - react lovingly. We know the difference between constructive reasoning and shade. So when someone tells you they are going to cloth diaper make sure you approach it pleasantly! An, "Oh! Really!? How'd you come to that choice?!" with an added smile is a good way to engage her and get her talking without sounding snarky. Of course, you may want to know what led to a seemingly drastic decision. But before you jump to the snide comments about poop and snarky banter about how old this technique is, listen to what brought her to this point. Encourage her just as she encourages you on important decisions. Plus… if you've never cloth diapered or even researched it, you're in no position to provide commentary on handling poop! I guarantee it's not what you think. Bloop!  


2) Help Her Prep  

Just as a new mommy will gather baby items she needs, cloth diapers will be on the menu. You can become invested in her decision by helping her get ready for this portion of motherhood. Spend a girlfriend day helping her wash her diapers and teeny baby clothes. Just as you would get clothes ready for the little one's birth, diapers need the same attention and in some cases a few more prep washes.  

Further, once baby is born, Momma can barely keep her eyes open while you’re visiting. Ask how to wash them and knock a load out while you visit the sweet little baby. You'll want to note her preferred wash settings and drying method. Don't just throw them in the dryer and hope for the best. She may prefer to hang them to dry. This is pro-level support. Do this and mom will be sooo thankful and maybe a little more rested because you took something off her list. 


3) Buy Cloth Diapers Once Requested  

Huh?? What's that you say? You wanna get her pampers anyway??? No, no, no! Don't do it. If you've hosted a wedding, you know that while thoughtful off-registry gifts are welcomed with a kind, "oh you shouldn't have…" People generally want what they asked for. Occasionally off registry gifts are super creative and quite meaningful, but when it comes to diapers - just get the lady what she asked for!  

In 2020, Mommas can build registries to get the colors and prints that move them. Obtaining diapers from the registry should take minimal work from a village, but it demonstrates maximum commitment to her cause!!! If the price is an issue, that's ok. Cloth diapers come in a range of prices and Momma's choices might be on the higher end. In this case, don't resort to paper diapers, instead buy one, single diaper from her registry. Don't feel bad about buying one single item. Each diaper helps her build her stash and she'll be appreciative. If you can't live with only buying one thing, a quick google search may help you find cheaper cloth diapers that you may feel comfortable buying. Buy cute prints that you love, inspire you, and might mesh with Momma's personality. One last idea, pair your single diaper with another practical baby item. Momma gets her diaper + you stayed in budget = WIN WIN!!  

In sum, being a supportive villager should never feel like a daunting task. It's as simple as being just as empathetic as you would on any other topic that your mommy friend brings up! Choose your words wisely when talking to pregnant people and respect her wishes. Who knows?!?! You might learn to like cloth diapers too! Before you go, don't forget to check us out on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram! 




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