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2020 has been quite a year - full of highs and lows. Who woulda thunk?!?! In the stillness of the year, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on what brings me joy. Through a combination of sermons, conversations, and occurrences, my Keeper reminded me of an idea, dream even, that I tucked away several years ago - A Cloth Diapering Venture!!

My time in Big Money Texas - aka BMT aka Beaumont - showed me a gap in the cloth diapering community that I yearned to fill, but hadn’t put into action. Now - four years later - I’ve taken advantage of the stillness of the quarantine to flesh out my passion project!

The result is a blog and YouTube channel designed to encourage moms to take the plunge into Cloth Diapering! Come along with me for the ride. I’ll share everything I know to help you explore, transition, and commit to this diapering method. Soon, you’ll be a proficient cloth diapering momma!

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