Conscious Parenting For the Win...

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It doesn't happen every day... but it happened today.

When I was carrying Bean, my husband and I decided that we didn't want to hit our children. We didn't have much more than that point nailed down, but that was the cornerstone of how we would parent differently from our families.

With that lighting a fire under us, the fast approaching terrible two forced me to google methods of parenting that didn't include physically abusive forms of punishment. A few pops that I soon regretted and The Holy Spirit led me to conscious parenting. Even more, I was led to a group called Conscious Parenting for the Culture on Facebook. This group was right on time and has helped shaped my parenting and how we handle conflict in our little four piece.

Based on the group, I define Conscious Parenting as pausing. Pausing to ensure my kids' basic needs are being met I escalate a situation. Pausing to hear their side of the story before passing judgement. Pausing to drop to their level and opening lines of communication so they can say what they feel in a safe environment. This type of parenting has me challenging everything I know to be true, but is making me a better mom.

Today, I got a glimpse of our hard work. Bean and Baby were running around the kitchen island like crazy people. I, in true mom fashion, was ignoring them with ease. My ears perked up when I heard Bean say, "Baby... can I talk to you?" Baby kept running and screaming. Bean said again, "Baby... stop a minute. I need to talk." I stepped in just to help Baby acknowledge her brother's request. 

Once she stopped and turned toward him. Bean said, "You need to say sorry to Momo." I asked why and he replied... "Me too mommy. I need to say sorry." Baby looked at him and said ok. They held hands and walked in the room to talk to my grand MIL.

I was shook and extremely proud. I didn't know what they were apologizing for, but that moment was a conscious parenting win! Not only did Bean display leadership skills, but he demonstrated the type of logic that leads to empathy and dynamic thinking. This little dude is starting to recognize when something is wrong or when his actions cause someone to be upset.

What's a mom win that encouraged you on your parenting journey??

I didn't know I needed a boost to keep going, but today's interaction was just what I needed to hear and feel to know that we're on the right track. This style of parenting is working. I don't have to get it right every day, but I just have to stay the course and stay engaged. I'll rest my head tonight with a smile.


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