Mom sluggling her baby
This is a fitted Cloth Cuties diaper. It is made of organic cotton. The picture shows the front of the diaper with a Snappi and two unrelated baby items.
This is the inside of the Cloth Cuties fitted diaper. It comes with 2 absorbent inserts. The inserts may be sewn in at the time of delivery.
This picture is the back of the Cloth Cuties fitted diaper.
This is the front of the Cloth Cuties fitted diaper.
Cloth Cuties

Fitted Diaper Delivery Service

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This is stress-free cloth diapering! Enjoy a simple two-step diapering experience with Fitted Diapers. Simply place the diaper on your baby, cover, and go! Get back to snuggling and we'll handle all the dirty stuff!

  • We deliver plenty of fitted diapers for a week depending on your baby's age.
  • Super soft and cozy diapers just like your baby. Our fitted-style diaper is made of organic cotton and two absorbent inserts.
  • The size shown in the picture fits babies 6 to 14 lbs.
  • Diaper Services are delivered weekly, but billed monthly. 

Please note: diaper covers and snappis are not provided with monthly diaper service. All clients must have a valid credit card. A credit card hold will be placed until the delivery service has ended and service equipment is returned.

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